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Portal / English version / Profile of the commune Czwartek - 26 stycznia 2006 Lutosława, Normy, Pauliny     "Doświadczony żeglarz nie walczy z prądami ani wiatrem, ale pozwala im unosić się w obranym przez siebie kierunku" - Bolesław Prus  
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  Profile of the commune

Location and characteristics Sycow Town Sycow is situated 56 km north- east of Wroclaw, 165 meters above the sea level in gently undulating terrain called the Sycow Basin, which lies between the Trzebnica and Ostrzeszow Hills. Sycow lies along international road no A8 between Wroclaw and Warsaw and the railway line between Wroclaw and Wielun. The local roads between Opole and Kalisz and Wroclaw and Kalisz run through the district. The Sycow town and commune has an area of 144 km2 and a population of 16 500, 10 800 people live in the town while the rest of the population live in 12 villages. In the town and commune there are 2 secondary schools: The Tadeusz Kosciuszko Secondary School of General Education and Complex of Vocational Schools, 7 primary schools and 3 nursery schools. There are 5 banks and 900 economics subjects. The local agriculture is being restructured. Arable Iand covers 7 855 h and forest 4 334 h.


The natural resorces of the town and the commune facilitate developent of foot processing, light industry, estate bulding, ecological agriculture and tourism. The town has some attractive, fully equipped terrain for estate building as for industrial, storage or service building. The good transport infrastructure can only add to its attractiveness. We guarantee pure water, natural gas, electric power, collection of sewage and waste and offer preferential tax rates and organisational aid to all potential investors. The main advantages of Sycow are its location, good technical infrastructure, natural resources and labour power. The achieve the best development of the region, the local authorities give priority to the following investments: building of a storage reservoir at Stradomia Wierzchnia; building of sport center.


There are many things worth seeing in the area. At Sycow itself: historical buildings in there centre of the town dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, one of the houses the Regional Museum; St. Peter and Paul's Parish Church built in the second half of the 15th century. Originally a Gothic church it was rebuilt in 1908. At present, its a Neo-Gothic building with Baroque towers; south of the market place there is the evangelical church of St. Peter and John built in the years 1785-89 in a classical style, designed by Charles Gotthard Langhans who was a designer the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, too. Close to the church there are two insteresting series of sculptures. The first one, four sculptures cast in bronze symbolises the rivers in France. They were made in the Paris workshop of Val d'Osnet and come from the castl destroyed in 1945. The second, consisting of stone figures, is the allegory of the four seasons of the year. The area close to the church links with old castle.

What makes Sycow commune a very attractive area for investors is its location. It is situated in the east part of Dolnoslaskie province, and belongs to Olesnica District. International route no 8 leading from Wroclaw to Warsaw passes across the commune area and in the immediate vicinity of Sycow. Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia is just 56 km away. Sycow is a small town on lowlands. Height above sea level: 215m. 10,000 inhabitants live in the town, others in neighbouring villages. It is a typically agricultural district. Business activities conducted in the district are environment-friendly and include food industry, carpentry and services. The existing forests cover 30% of the area and are regarded as very good for various recreational activities.

Area - 14,479 hectares

Number of inhabitants - 16,500 citizens

Budget per 1 inhabitant - 1,014 PLN

Unemployment rate in Olesnica district - 24.4%

Number of upper-secondary schools - 2

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